Commercial Tiki Huts Florida

Commercial Tiki Huts Florida

What better way to add interest and excitement to your restaurant than with a tiki hut? Tiki huts are a wonderful addition to any warm outdoor space. Commercial tiki huts in Florida are ideal for a variety of settings such as bars, pools, hotels, resorts, golf courses and more. There are sizes and designs to fit every need and budget.

Commercial Tiki Huts in Florida

Commercial tiki huts in Florida are often made of locally sourced materials such as cypress and palm fronds. They are constructed using high quality methods so they will stand up to years of wear. They can be custom built to almost any size you desire so they can fit into the space you have available.

A professionally-built tiki hut is a great way to add more useable space to your outdoor facility. If you have a pool area a tiki hut is an ideal way to give guests a place to get a cool drink. Tiki huts can include a counter where guests can sit or may be open construction with no sides.

Tikis can also be constructed as pavilions and may be made with one or two poles or more. A single pole tiki is similar to an umbrella but is made of natural materials with a thatch top. These single or double pole tikis are great for installing near pool areas, beaches, golf courses and other areas where guests need a place to get out of the beating sun.

Choosing a Tiki Hut Contractor

Choose a tiki hut contractor with experience building many types and sizes. A professional will meet with you to determine your needs and the specifications of your desired tiki hut. You will want to get some expert advice about the best place to position your tiki hut. Some considerations include proximity to a pool or other area, trees or sidewalks that are in the way and where the sun will be at certain times of the day.

Commercial tiki huts in Florida need to be built to withstand the elements. They protect people from sun and rain and are designed to be outside even in extreme weather conditions. A tiki hut contractor will help to ensure that your tiki hut is properly built for your needs.

Southern Cross Contracting is a top tiki hut builder in Florida. We provide a range of high quality tiki hut styles and use high quality materials. We typically utilize local cypress and palm fronds but will also use recycled synthetic materials upon request.

In addition to building tiki huts, single pole tikis, pool tikis and dock tikis, we also provide repair and re-thatching services. Our skilled team will restore your old tiki to perfect condition using quality materials and workmanship.

Whether you want to build a new tiki hut or restore an existing structure, we are here to help you every step of the way. We will handle every aspect of the project and your guests will soon be able to enjoy the new tiki hut.

Commercial Tiki Huts Florida