Commercial Tiki Huts Florida Keys

Commercial Tiki Huts Florida Keys

The Upper Keys can be the idyllic setting for a tropical-themed restaurant and bar. One of the most popular additions to your establishment is an outdoor tiki hut. Commercial tiki huts in the Upper Keys are made of high quality, durable materials and constructed with excellent workmanship so they hold up to plenty of use and years of exposure to the elements.  

Choosing Commercial Tiki Huts in the Upper Keys

Tiki huts are designed to provide some solace from the heat of the sun and cover from rain showers. They are typically constructed with open sides but can be custom made to your specifications. A tiki hut bar, for example, will be designed with an inside space for the bartender and an outer counter where patrons can sit on barstools to enjoy a cool drink.

Commercial tiki huts in the Upper Keys are ideal for installation near pools and outside hotel areas where they will offer people a place to cool off. A tiki hut instantly gives people a vision of a tropical paradise and bars often create exotic fruity drinks to serve to guests. Huts i

Tiki huts can be made of a variety of materials. The most authentic tiki huts are created using natural materials that are available locally. For example, cypress is often the material of choice for the structure and palm fronds are used for making the thatched roof.

If preferred, synthetic materials can be utilized in the construction. Recycled materials are used to make palm fronds that look natural. These may hold up better over time. However, tiki huts do require repairs from time to time. Because they are exposed to strong sun and heat and to rain and wind, the thatched roofs of tiki huts in the Upper Keys suffer wear and tear.

Tiki Hut Installation and Repair

Tiki hut installation starts by discussing your needs with an experienced tiki hut contractor. You will learn which types of tiki huts will fit best into your intended space so you can create a tropical paradise for your guests. You can opt for any size tiki that fits your needs and your budget.

In addition to typical tiki huts you may also include some single pole tikis into your project plan. Single pole tikis offer the same thatched roof and rustic appearance but are smaller than standard tiki huts. They can be placed in areas where people can sit and relax while enjoying a drink or meal.

Other types of commercial tiki huts in the upper keys include dock tikis and poolside tikis as well as double pole tikis and pavilions. These various configurations are designed to your exact specifications. When you consider a contractor for your tiki hut installation you can count on the professional services of Southern Cross Contracting. We build the best tiki huts in the area and are licensed professionals. Our expert team of contractors is available to provide you with a tiki hut that will exceed your expectations. Contact us today to learn more about our excellent services.



Commercial Tiki Huts Florida Keys