Commercial Tiki Huts Upper Keys

Commercial Tiki Huts Upper Keys

Tiki huts have long been the symbol of a tropical paradise where you can get exotic drinks with little umbrellas in them. People are immediately drawn to them as a place to gather and enjoy good drinks and snacks. Tiki huts are typically Polynesian-themed and are often used as bars in warm, sunny, seaside locations. Commercial tiki huts in the Lower Keys are also perfect for other gatherings such as near pools, docks and beaches.

The History of the Tiki Bar

Tiki bars became popular after several warm-weather restaurants were designed with a Polynesian theme. These tropical restaurants and bars are known for their fruity drinks made with rum and served in decorative glasses. The tiki bar became a staple of tropical restaurants and drink establishments, particularly those in warm climates. They are often located outdoors but may also be indoors.

Restaurants utilize commercial tiki huts in the Lower Keys to create a fun atmosphere that gives guests a relaxing place to sit and have a drink. Tiki huts may range in size depending on the area where they need to be installed. They are typically open structures made with natural materials and have thatched roofs.

How to create an Exciting Tiki Bar

People are naturally drawn to commercial tiki huts in the Lower Keys. When you see one you know that you will find a cool drink and some shade from the sun. The most important part of a tropical bar is a tiki hut. A professional contractor will assist in determining the size and shape of the structure based on the location.

The hut can be designed to provide space for the bartender to make drinks as well as an area where people can sit and enjoy their drinks and snacks. The roof of the hut should provide shade and protection from rain for those sitting at the bar area.

You can then provide authentic decorations that will enhance the look of your bar. Use tropical glasses and coconut-shaped vessels for drinks. Your bartending can create some refreshing drinks with exotic names that can become your signature beverages.

In addition to the commercial tiki huts in the Lower Keys you can also include some single pole tikis. These can be placed strategically near the bar to allow room for additional guests to sit and have a drink.

Tiki bars are perfect additions to your hotel or resort. They are ideal when placed near the pool area so that guests can enjoy a cool drink while they relax and cool off at the pool. You can greatly increase the use of the pool area when you add a tiki hut.

Southern Cross Contracting provides high quality tiki hut installation and repair in Florida including the Lower Keys. We are available to provide professional design and construction of tiki huts and single pole tikis that will last for many years to come. We also provide re-thatching and repair services of your existing tiki hut. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

Commercial Tiki Huts Upper Keys