Dock Tikis Florida

Dock Tikis Florida

Whether you own a residential dock for your private use or a commercial dock where you provide boat trips to guests, you can improve the function of it by installing a dockside tiki. Dock tikis in Florida are designed to blend into the tropical landscape and are made to offer shade from the hot sun.  

Dock tikis in Florida can greatly enhance the use of your dock and make it more enjoyable for you and others. The temperature can be ten or more degrees less than that in the open sun and therefore it offers a way to cool down and get away from unbearable heat.

Dock Tikis in Florida

A dock tiki will be custom-designed to fit in whatever area of the dock you prefer. An expert tiki contractor will work with you to determine your exact needs. A dockside tiki can be permanently installed directly onto the dock in almost any way you like. For example, a square tiki can be placed on the end of the dock or at a corner section of a large dock.

A rectangular dock is ideal for areas where people need to gather to wait for a boat. Tikis can be made for whatever size you desire. It is important to keep in mind that you must be aware of the needs of docking the boat and install the tiki so it does not interfere with this function.

Like regular tiki hut, dock tikis in Florida are constructed using local materials whenever possible. Cypress is one of the preferred choices but bamboo is also available on request. The roof of the tiki is the most important element because it needs to provide protection. A poorly constructed tiki may not last very long. That’s why it is essential to purchase a tiki from a reputable tiki contractor.

Tiki Installation

Southern Cross Contracting is a leader in tiki construction in South Florida. We offer a wide range of options and our experienced team of experts is available to help you create a design that will offer the best option while fitting within your budget constraints. We work with all types of tikis including tiki huts, dockside and poolside tikis and pavilions. Our tiki workmanship is second to none.

We are here to help your property with a high quality tiki structure. Our installation team knows how to properly install tikis so that they will last for many years. Tikis require little maintenance. After exposure to years of sun, wind and rain the roof of a tiki hut or dock tiki may need to be re-thatched. This will restore the tiki back to its original beauty and make it like new again.

We offer new installations as well as repair and re-thatching services for your existing tiki. We will take the stress out of a new installation project by providing professional services from start to finish. You will soon have an attractive and more comfortable way to enjoy your outdoor space. Contact us today for more information.




Dock Tikis Florida