Dock Tikis Naples

Dock Tikis Naples
Tiki huts are an attractive way to add shade and protection to almost any outdoor location. Boating is a fun activity but one that can be hot for those who are participating. The best way to protect people from the hot sun as well as from rain is by providing dock tikis in Naples. Dockside tikis can be built directly into your dock so that they become a permanent part of the structure.  
Dock Tikis in Naples
Tiki huts and other types of tikis including dock tikis in Naples are attractive additions to your property. They offer a beautiful tropical setting that blends into the surrounding landscape while offering a place to get out of the sun.
Dock tikis in Naples may be designed in a variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate your particular dock. A square dock tiki may be placed on the end or corner of a dock while a rectangular dock may be perfect along a stretch of the dock area.
You can view some examples of dockside tikis to get an idea of your ideal placement. An experienced contractor will discuss your needs and help you plan for the perfect dock tikis in Naples. They understand the best options for constructing your dockside tiki. The tiki should provide protection from the sun while also ensuring that the dock remains completely functional.
Tiki Construction
Tiki huts can be constructed from a variety of materials. At Southern Cross Contracting we prefer to work with high quality natural materials that are available locally. This provides the best use of supplies and also results in an authentic tiki that looks attractive. We often use local cypress as one of our main construction materials but also may use bamboo if you prefer
The roof of the tiki is what gives it a tropical appearance. Thatched roofs are made using fresh palm fronds that are lashed together to form a tight, waterproof top. We have found that this material is ideal for tiki roofs; however, synthetic materials are available upon request.
Southern Cross Contracting is the leading provider of high quality tikis in South Florida. We know about tiki construction and understand how to build a sturdy, reliable structure that will provide years of enjoyment. Once installed, tikis don’t require much upkeep.
From time to time the roof may need to be re-thatched. If you have an old tiki we can easily improve it and restore it so it protects against sun and rain. Re-thatching is necessary after a tiki has been outside in the elements for some time.
Whether you want to install a new tiki hut, dockside or poolside tiki or need to have your existing tiki repaired, Southern Cross Contracting is the best option. Our experts are available to assist you with your project from beginning to end in order to create an enjoyable outdoor space for you and your guests. Let our experienced team help you improve your yard or property today.
Dock Tikis Naples