Single Pole Tikis Florida

Single Pole Tikis Florida

Hot summer days in Florida can be brutal. Although you want to enjoy the outdoors you also need a place where you can get out of the sun for a few minutes. Single pole tikis in Florida are the ideal solution. They have the appearance of a tiki hut and are made of natural materials. They are smaller than tiki huts and therefore can fit into small areas where just a little shade is needed.

About Single Pole Tikis in Florida

Single pole tikis in Florida are often made from locally grown cypress or out of bamboo. The top is generally shaped in a similar fashion to an umbrella so that it protects from sun and rain. The roof is often made from local palm fronds. The construction is important because a poorly constructed tiki won’t hold up to the elements.

A well built tiki is constructed using durable materials and quality workmanship. A properly constructed tiki will last for many years with little maintenance required. Single pole tikis are small enough to fit just a few people underneath. You may choose to include seating or you can add a portable table and chairs.

Single pole tikis in Florida make perfect places for people to sit and relax while they get some shade. The temperature in the shade is often much less than the air temperature in the sun. Pole tikis can be installed at the beach, near a pool area or as rest areas for backyard or golf course.

Durable and Dependable Protection

Your family and guests need to have protection from the sun and a place to take cover when a shower comes through. While a single pole tiki won’t protect you from blowing rain it will keep you from getting wet from a simple afternoon shower. Since it has no sides it isn’t a shelter but it is a convenient place to rest.

Tikis are durable and offer dependable protection. Best of all, tikis have a nice appearance. They give an appealing look to any area and are much less obtrusive than patio umbrellas. Instead, tikis seem to blend seamlessly with the environment and give your home or commercial location an upscale look.

The first step in choosing a tiki is to determine the use and location. An experienced contractor will meet with you to help you make decisions about the construction of the tiki. You will want to place the tiki in a location that is convenient for you and your guests. You may want to install several or more tikis based on your particular needs.

If a larger tiki is required you may need to choose a double pole tiki. These are simply larger in size and are rectangular rather than round. A tiki pavilion is also available. The pavilion is a structure with open sides and a large open area underneath.

Tikis do need to be repaired from time to time. Re-thatching is sometimes necessary when the fronds become damaged. Professional repair is necessary to restore your tiki to its original condition. Re-thatching will make it functional again so that it continues to provide protection from rain and sun.


Single Pole Tikis Florida