Single Pole Tikis Lower Keys

Single Pole Tikis Lower Keys

One of the best ways to add some exotic charm to your landscape is with a tiki. A tiki hut is a structure that people immediately recognize as a symbol of tropical relaxation and enjoyment. A tiki pole is a smaller version of the tiki hut. Single pole tikis in the Lower Keys are very popular. They can be placed in a variety of places and are ideal for all types of settings including both residential and commercial locations.

Features of Single Pole Tikis

Single pole tikis in the Lower Keys are simple and are designed to provide a small area of shade from the sun or protection from a light rain shower. Single pole tikis look similar to large umbrellas. They are held in place by a single pole in the middle that is often made of locally sourced cypress or of bamboo.

The top is the same as a tiki hut roof. It is thatched using palm fronds. Fresh palm fronds are lashed together to form a secure, round protective covering that will repel water during rain. It offers a place where people can relax and get out of the hot sun for a short length of time.

You can place chairs, benches or tables under the tikis or allow people to use their own beach chairs, depending on the intended purpose. For example, a hotel may want to place some single pole tikis near the beach for their guests to enjoy the comfort of some shade while relaxing outside.

Installation of Tikis

Professional construction and installation are necessary to ensure that single pole tikis in the Lower Keys will last a long time. They need to be properly made using high quality materials and workmanship so they will provide you with years of service.

At Southern Cross Contracting our tikis are built to withstand the elements. Whether they are exposed to sun, wind or rain, our single pole tikis in the Lower Keys will handle it all. We know about tikis because we specialize in building all types of tikis in Florida. Our tikis are the best that you can buy.

One of our experienced contractors will help you choose the tiki design and materials that are ideal for your specific needs. Many of our clients choose natural materials, however, we also offer synthetic palm fronds that are made with recycled materials if you prefer.

The placement of your tiki is important because it needs to provide a respite from the sun on a hot day. Once the design and placement are determined our skilled installation team will build your tiki quickly and efficiently. It will be secured in place so you can be sure that it won’t blow away. We are the leading provider of tikis in the south Florida area. That’s because we offer well-constructed tikis that are built to last. In addition to new tikis we are available to provide repair services for tikis. Let Southern Cross Contracting help you create a tropical oasis in your yard or on your property today.


Single Pole Tikis Lower Keys