Single Pole Tikis Upper Keys

Single Pole Tikis Upper Keys

When you want to beautify your outdoor space and add some necessary shade from the sun, a tiki is one of your best options. Tikis come in a variety of sizes, shapes and styles. They are usually built from natural materials and add an attractive tropical appeal to any yard or outdoor space. Single pole tikis in the Upper Keys are among the most popular type of tiki structure.

These tikis offer a simple design with a pole that holds a round roof in place to provide shade and protection from light rain showers. The pole itself may be made from locally sourced cypress or from bamboo if you prefer. The top of the tiki is constructed using fresh palm fronds. The fronds are tightly lashed together to provide a very dense thatch that will keep out sun and rain.

Single Pole Tikis in the Upper Keys

Single pole tikis are among the most popular style available. Because of their simple design they can fit into almost any available space. They add a tropical flair to any location. They are easy to maintain, requiring virtually no upkeep. Once they are installed they are securely in place and will be a permanent fixture in your yard.

If you have a pool or deck you will want to add single pole tikis in the Upper Keys. A tiki will offer a relaxing spot where people can gather to enjoy a cool drink or simply rest in the shade. You may supply a table and chairs under the tiki if you prefer.

Another application for single pole tikis in the Upper Keys is on resort properties. They can be scattered throughout the resort or in clusters near the tiki bar or poolside. They are also a great addition for private beach areas where shade is a commodity. In that type of situation guests can provide their own seating in the form of beach chairs as they cool off away from the sun.

Adding Tikis to Your Landscape

Tikis are not just for looks, although they do have an attractive appearance. They are designed for the purpose of adding a tropical oasis where people can relax outdoors. Tikis are a wonderful way to improve the look and functionality of your outdoor space. Hotels and resorts will want to add several or more single pole tikis at strategic locations, such as near the pool. This will enhance the outdoor experience for guests while offering a comfortable place to relax and enjoy an exotic drink.

In addition to single pole tikis, double pole tikis are also available depending on the size and shape of the structure that you need. Double pole tikis are rectangular in shape so they offer a larger area of shade. Pavilions are also available that are an excellent option in places where you want to provide a large area for people to gather.

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Single Pole Tikis Upper Keys