Tiki Huts Florida

Tiki Huts Florida

The summer sun can be hot and you and your family may want a shady place to cool off out of the heat. A tiki hut may be just what you need for your yard, deck or pool area. Tiki huts in Florida are available in a variety of custom sizes and are made from sturdy, natural materials. A tiki hut contractor will professionally install a tiki hut in the area of your choice.

About Tiki Huts in Florida

A tiki huts is a wonderful way to enjoy the outdoors without having to endure the heat of the sun. They provide shade which can actually make the air much cooler. A tiki hut is often constructed of heavy duty materials that are locally sourced whenever possible. In Florida, tiki huts may be made of cypress or out of bamboo if requested.

Thatched roofs are made with fresh palm fronds in most cases. Synthetic fronds are available and they are made out of recycled materials.  Tiki huts can be installed in your chosen location and will be custom built to your specifications.

Tiki huts are ideal for pool areas, yards and docks. They are also perfect for commercial installations such as restaurants, golf courses, hotels, public pools and other locations. The size of the tiki hut will be adjusted depending on your specific needs

Types of Tiki Huts

There are several types of tiki huts to choose from. You may be familiar with a common tiki hut that has open sides and seating which can be used as a bar. There are other types of tikis as well. A single pole tiki is similar to an umbrella. It provides shade and an area where people can sit and relax. You can add a table or seating if you like. These types of tikis are best for areas where you need to add some shade such as near tiki huts, beaches and pools.

A double pole tiki is similar to a single pole tiki but is slightly larger. It requires two poles but still has no sides. A tiki hut can be large to provide pavilion seating underneath. The style and size of tiki huts in Florida are entirely up to you. For example, a dock tiki can be built directly onto your dock to provide a shady respite.

Choose a professional construction company with experience in building tiki huts in Florida. Southern Cross Contracting is the leading tiki hut builder in the area. Our skilled team will work with you to choose the best design and location. Then our installation team uses high quality materials and skilled workmanship to build a sturdy and durable tiki hut that will last for many years.

In addition to installing new tiki huts we also provide repair services including re-thatching. Our experts can fix what’s wrong with your tiki and restore it to usable condition. We are extremely experienced in tiki installation and repair. Contact us today to learn more about our services and to get an estimate for work.




Tiki Huts Florida