Tiki Huts Upper Keys

Tiki Huts Upper Keys

Your backyard is your private area where you and your family and friends can relax and enjoy the outdoors. One of the best ways to improve the appearance of your yard and add more function and value is with the installation of tiki huts in the Upper Keys. Tiki huts are beautiful, natural-looking structures that function to keep the sun and rain away. They are designed to blend wonderfully with nature and they have an appealing look.

Features of Tiki Huts

Tiki huts in the Upper Keys and elsewhere have some notable features. They are often open structures that have a tropical exterior. The sides are usually open, although they may be enclosed structures. The most significant feature is the roof. Tiki hut roofs are thatched with natural materials, usually palm fronds.

One of the greatest things about tiki huts is that they almost universally signal a tropical theme. The tiki hut itself may be made of local materials such as cypress or it may be made of bamboo. The roof is typically made with locally-sourced fresh palm fronds or synthetic fronds made from recycled materials.

Tiki huts in the Upper Keys are generally associated with tiki bars that serve exotic tropical drinks. However, tiki huts can be used for many different purposes. You may put a tiki bar in your yard or adjacent to your swimming pool as a place where people can go to get out of the sun and cool off. They can be constructed in almost any design and size that you prefer so you can have one custom built to fit into a particular space.

Tiki Huts in the Upper Keys

There are some important things to consider when you are making the decision to purchase a tiki hut. One of the most significant is the quality of the materials and workmanship of the hut. You want to ensure that the tiki hut will look good and function well now and for years.

Another consideration is the look of the tiki hut. You will usually want to choose a tiki hut that looks authentic and is made with natural materials. This will give your hut a striking appearance. Finally, you want to consider the contractor that you choose for the project. Not all contractors are familiar with the construction methods that are used in building durable and strong tiki huts.

The final result will be a tiki hut that adds beauty and value to your home. Tiki huts should stand up to most weather conditions. There isn’t much maintenance that you need to do to keep these natural structures looking and functioning properly. However, because they are made of natural materials they will need to be repaired from time to time. Most importantly, the thatched roof may need to be replaced or repaired when it starts to lose its ability to keep out the rain and sun. At Southern Cross Contracting we are experienced at installing and repairing tiki huts. Contact us today to learn about our services and to get an estimate for work.

Tiki Huts Upper Keys